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About American Minky Blankets

We have been known as Rose City Pet Gear for the past 12 years making dog products and vending at primarily West Coast AKC shows but as far away as Topeka Kansas and Oklahoma City. We started out with cottons that were left from our fabric website. About 6 years ago, I realized I needed to reach beyond and added Minky fabrics. What a shift this was! I found out that this fabulous high-tech fabric was truly welcomed and enjoyed by a variety of people including dog lovers and others as well. Perfect for baby blankets as well, this unique fabric is ideal for so many mediums!

I fell in love with this wonderful fabric as have hundreds of others. It is so soft and cuddly for humans and their pets. Lots of customers come back saying they need more because their pets are very territorial about their blanket.

Best of all, Minky fabric is very easy to maintain. Pet hair comes off easily by washing or even just tossing it. Minky blankets look just like new even after multiple washes. No pilling, either! Simply wash on a cool heat setting and fluff dry. The only downside to Minky is only that its difficult to sew. I have learned a lot of tricks over the years especially after finding a fabulous sewing machine that puts an edge on it very nicely. I call this machine the binder and it is a miracle worker once learned to run it.

Yes, I am still selling crate pads and sided beds all made from Minky. The dogs love them and they washup super well!

We are a small family shop in the woods of Oregon in small-town Estacada. We do our own designing and sewing, here in our home shop. Every item we produce is handcrafted in the USA and made from top-rated fabrics vetted by us! Crate pads and sided beds have a polyester bonded filling. The batting, as well as the Minky cover, is totally washable. The batting we use is the same fabric found in Quilts; ours is just thicker!

Enjoy the Elegance and Comfort of our product. We believe you will be pleased to thank American Minky Blanket!

You can also find our products on Artsmith!

Our Blanket Making Process

American Minky Blankets is part of the vanguard of new American production. We craft each and every blanket in house, right here in the United States. Blankets are laid out on cutting tables and cut to size. Next, using our high-tech binding machine, we apply a 1.5 inch Velboa specialty cut binding, made specially for us in Seattle. Velboa is a polyurethane fabric, very similar to minky fabric. After attaching the binding, it is then straight stitched twice with industrial machines to assure its durability. It washes and wears just like minky. This process is very durable and stays attached quite well with all sorts of wear. This process makes it easier to maintain consistent quality, blanket after blanket. Purchase and support New American Production Technology. None of our product materials or labor comes from China.

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